Tea Tree Gully Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Tea Tree Gully

Are you looking for air conditioning services at a price that will suit your budget? Well, you can now rest easy.

Adelaide heating and cooling provide air conditioning services in the Tea Tree Gully area. We have been in operation for a number of years now, and we have highly qualified staff to meet all your heating and cooling needs. We specialise in HAVC maintenance, repair, and installation of all major types of heating and cooling systems. 

We understand the fact that new HVAC equipment is one of the major investment in your home. Bearing this in mind, we provide quality services that will prologue the life of your appliances. Regardless of what may be wrong with your air conditioning system, you can count on us to handle any installation and repair work that you require. We have properly trained each of our technicians to fix any component for all types of air conditioning on the market. We have all the equipment and skills that are necessary to work on every make and model of air conditioners.

With Adelaide heating and cooling providing air conditioning services in Tea Tree Gully you can be rest assured that help is always not far away. Our helpline is available on a 24 hours basis so that we can ensure we are always on hand to provide you with expert services and immediate help all the time. Guaranteed emergency response means that a qualified Adelaide heating and cooling, air conditioning engineer in Tea Tree Gully will be with you in no time, thus maximising your system uptime. 

We not only assist you in preventing unit breakdowns but we also help to enhance system optimisation for improved performance and improve energy efficiency. For a full written quotation or to discuss about your air conditioning service and maintenance requirements in Tea Tree Gully contact us now. 

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Ingle Farm Air Conditioning

Having heating and cooling specialist in Ingle Farm to help keep the home's climate system running smoothly is important, and the professionals can also help you choose the right type of system for your home when the time comes for a new one. There are many different types of units available, and they all work in different ways, have many benefits, and a few drawbacks too. Which type of unit and system you choose will ultimately depend on your budget, your home, and the needs of you and your lovely family? You can always consult your Adelaide Heating & Cooling expert with your questions and concerns too.

Some of the most widely used types of systems include central units, window units, wall units, and units that stand on the floor. The most popular are the central units, but these are also by far the most expensive. A series of ventilation ducts is used to deliver air to all parts of a home to keep a uniform temperature throughout the house. Air vents may be placed on the wall, on the floors or in the ceilings, whichever way the air flows the best. The ducts also take the air from the house to the furnace or air conditioning unit where it is either warmed or cooled and then returns it to all rooms in the house where a vent is present.

Adelaide Heating & Cooling specialists know that there are many advantages to using a central ducted system, and they can help you make a decision on the best model for your home. The central units are very energy efficient, and they are available in either the electric or natural gas units. Control of the temperature of a home is easily controlled with the touch of a finger on a thermostat, and these systems are also automatic when the temperature in the home needs to be adjusted, the unit will turn on by itself and will shut off when the desired temperature is reached. Also, unlike window and floor units, there is nothing blocking a window or taking up any floor space either.

When a season comes to have a repair technician come to your home in Ingle Farm to check on your heating and cooling system. The heat at this moment of the year is not so hot to warrant use of the air conditioner, and it is not too cold for people to have to turn on the heat. Central systems require minimal maintenance, but regular preventive maintenance is always recommended to keep systems in top shape. There are many different sizes of units available, such as small ones for apartments and larger ones for single family homes. Homes that are very large might have more than one small unit to more efficiently cool or heat the large area of the house. Be sure to contact your Adelaide Heating & Cooling professionals http://www.adelaideheatingandcooling.com/ in Ingle Farm with any questions or concerns you may have about your furnace or air conditioner.

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Air Conditioning Parafield Gardens Adelaide

Adelaide Heating & Cooling are your go-to specialists when it comes to AC sales and installations in Para Field Gardens. We are the premier air conditioning experts, proud to be recognized as one of the best when it comes to residential heating, indoor quality and air conditioning needs in the Parafield Gardens area.

We Service All Air Conditioning Brands!

Our staff has extensive knowledge and expertise on all stock HVAC products from the leading brands such as Daikin, Coolair, Breezair, Braemar and Samsung. Our technicians are certified and trained to work on all kinds of cooling and heating units used on residential properties. Some of the high-end products we offer include wall split systems, ducted reverse cycle AC units, ducted evaporative cooling units, wall furnaces and ducted gas heating units. Moreover, our crew undergoes the appropriate training on all of the HVAC units mentioned above while guaranteeing top service and workmanship on all jobs. We will get you the best deals by working closely with you and recommending the best type of AC product upgrade.

Are you on the search for the perfect AC or heating system? We can help. We will give helpful advice on what the current air conditioning features mean for you and your home- factors such as energy ratings, capacity and other operational aspects such as air quality improvements, home zoning and programmable thermostats. The newest models often have a higher energy efficiency rating, which means you can save more on cooling bills when you upgrade. Our Para Field Gardens staff are equipped with years and years of HVAC knowledge, and they will give you the information you need to make a careful decision. The unit you'll choose will be the best one for you and your family. Our promise to our customers is a capable AC system and the best HVAC installation this side of Parafield Gardens.

Contact us for the best air conditioning and heating installation and sales in Para Field Gardens. Adelaide Heating & Cooling backs up excellent workmanship with warranties for great peace of mind.

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Modbury Air Conditioning Services

Adelaide Heating & Cooling is a premier company that you can trust for all your air conditioning needs. With us, you can enjoy comfortable temperature all-year round with the help of energy-efficient residential air conditioning and heating units. We can help you get the best deals available and have it conveniently installed when you need it.

Our company is well-known in the Modbury area for having excellent AC unit sales and installation services. We offer quality products from notable brands such as Daikin, Samsung, Breezair, Coolair and Braemar. Each installation is a personalized service because we understand that each air conditioning need is different for every home.

We Service All Air Conditioning Systems

Our AC technicians are highly trained and efficient when it comes to installing all kinds of AC units. We can install any and all types of systems, including gas log fire heaters, evaporative air conditioning units, gas wall furnaces, cassette air conditioners, split system ACs and ducted reverse cycle cooling units. Furthermore, they undergo endorsed training as required by the supplier for all unit types. We also have a 100% guarantee on all our workmanship services.

Free Estimates on New Air Conditioning

We'll make it easy for Modbury residents to get the best cooling and heating deals available in the area. We will install the unit you choose. Call us for free estimates on any kind of new installations.

Up Front Pricing

You won't have to keep guessing how much your new AC unit and installation will cost. Adelaide Heating & Cooling serves up the prices up front so you'll know exactly how much you're paying to get your new AC unit installed. Our professional staff will always wait for your go signal before starting any service.

Come to Adelaide Heating & Cooling for all of your cooling and heating needs in Modbury. We'd love to exceed our client's expectations on any and all their air conditioning and heating needs. Call us now to get the best AC deals on the market.

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Air Conditioning Craigmore

Adelaide Heating and Cooling serves the Craigmore as well as other surrounding Adelaide suburbs, offering top air conditioning services for clients who need heating and cooling products in their home.

Services We Offer


The staff at Adelaide Heating and Cooling specializes in the sale of top performing heating as well as cooling brands and models for the metropolitan Adelaide. 


Apart from selling heating and cooling products, Adelaide Heating and Cooling can also install the products in the customer’s home at their request at an additional price. They can also tailor fit the installation of the unit according to the specifications of the client. 


Adelaide Heating and Cooling has a wide range of products that can solve your home’s temperature woes. They have heating only and cooling only models as well as products that have both features. All these products are using the latest technology in order to maximize the performance while minimizing the effects on the power usage in the house. 

Here are the main products of Adelaide Heating and Cooling offered in Craigmore area: 

• Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning 
• Wall Split Systems

• Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning
• Ducted Gas Heating
• Gas Wall Furnaces and Space Heaters

About Adelaide Heating and Cooling 

Founded almost 20 years ago by the expert air conditioning and refrigeration technicians Gary Brown and Brian Welk, Adelaide Heating and Cooling has been the go-to establishment for Adelaide residents who are looking for the best air conditioning products in the market. The company has products from brands such as Samsung, Daikin, Braemar, Breezair as well as Coolair. 

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Store Location

Cnr Park Tce
& Main North Rd
Salisbury SA 5108


About Us

Adelaide Heating & Cooling (Salisbury) are specialists in residential air conditioning sales and installation, stocking quality cooling & heating products from leading brands: Braemar, Breezair, Coolair, Daikin and Samsung. Products on offer include: ducted gas heating, wall furnaces, ducted evaporative cooling, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning and wall split systems.


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
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